The FUE technique is an innovative technique and the most effective method in Hair Restoration. It’s a minimally invasive surgery, safe, quick and with imperceptible healing.

The procedure is painless with a very short recovery time.

At MIC we perform this surgery to treat different areas like scalp, eyebrows and face (beard, mustache).

It can also be used to repair work of previous bad transplant results or to even camouflage all sorts of scars.


On a first consultation, we will take your medical history and evaluate your hair loss. If Hair Transplant Surgery is the best treatment to your condition, surgery is booked and a plan is made based in your diagnosis.

The areas will be measured and drawn by our doctors. This step is very important and it requires great sensitivity to achieve natural and harmonious results.


Hair is harvested from an area unaffected by alopecia, using advanced surgical microinstruments. Thanks to this extraction method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), follicular damage is minimum and scars remain undetectable.


The harvested hairs are implanted in the areas that they’re needed the most. At MIC we use Hans Biomed Lion Implanters, which protects and increases follicle survival, minimizes scalp damage and allows faster, more accurate and more flexiblity throughout the procedure. With this devices it’s possible to have precision over the angle and depth of the follicles, that alows natural results.


MIC has a highly specialized team available to support or support all your questions.

You can book your consultation online or in person. We recommend consultation in person.

Online consultation is destined to people that for any reason cannot get to our clinic very easily. After you establish contact, we will send you a medical questionnaire and request some high resolution pictures so that our doctors make a detailed evaluation.

For online consultation or in person please fill out the form. You can contact us by WhatsApp too.

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