A complete medical team with over 2000 hair transplants performed. 

MIC offers advanced surgical procedures, medical treatments and supplementary therapies to achieve unparalleled, natural results for men and women.

Our commitment

Medical and nursing follow-up throughout the clinical process, from the first assessment and clinical decision to the final outcome, overseeing the evolution of all procedures performed.

Guarantee that the entire surgical procedure it’s done by a competent medical team.

Guarantee use of the most innovative and advanced hair transplant techniques worldwide.

Guaranteed state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments by qualified professionals.

Guarantee of competence, quality and trust.

Enfª Mara Correia

(Coordinator Nurse) Mara Correia

dra tania data

Drª Tânia Data

enf Andreia azevedo

(Nurse) Andreia Azevedo

dra tania data

(Nurse) Sandra Maia

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